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What Men Want to See!

Men are much more likely to rate a woman as attractive than the other way round. The average man is three times more likely to rate a women as attractive than a woman is to rate a man attractive.

When we looked at the kind of photos that men like there are a number of things that are very common. These tips are really useful as they work for people of all levels of attractiveness. Some of the most highly rated women just do the right things in their photo and dress the right way.

What women look for in a man.

Our hot list feature is one of the most actively used parts of our site. So far there have been over 100 million member ratings!

This gives us a massive amount of information on who is seen as attractive and who is not.

What men need to know about peacocks

Little known fact for you – everyone on the planet has twice as many female ancestors as male.

How can this be everyone has a mum and a dad right?

Well in every generation more women have children than men, census studies show 87% of women have children compared to and 81% for men.

Over generations the 6% difference adds up until you get to the double number we are at today.

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