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What men need to know about peacocks


Little known fact for you – everyone on the planet has twice as many female ancestors as male.

How can this be everyone has a mum and a dad right?

Well in every generation more women have children than men, census studies show 87% of women have children compared to and 81% for men.

Over generations the 6% difference adds up until you get to the double number we are at today.

What has this got to do with dating? Well this ratio means at least 6% of men are having children with more than one woman, but that number is going to be higher than that as some women will have children with more than one man.  Some of this will be down to relationship breakdowns, and of course men can have children for much more of their adult life.

There is also a sub set of men that seem to prefer to have serial casual relationships rather than choosing to settle down.  These men seem to have something about them that makes them pretty attractive to women.

So what are the human male equivalents of the peacock tail and how can men demonstrate they have these qualities?

Several studies have been done on what women look for but the ones that seem to best fit the men who women find most attractive on our site are below.

Dominance, Health, Appearance, Productivity / Status, Risk taking.

So a profile picture that demonstrates as many of these traits would be best at getting women to respond well to you.

Dominance – This is perhaps the most difficult to demonstrate in a photograph, but several of the photos did manage to pull this off – having a couple of mates on either side of you just outside of camera shot seemed to work, as being the center of attention was enough. If it looked like they were smaller or not as fit so much the better.  If you think about it the men are in general fairly competitive and do use a bit of banter as ways of establishing their relationships with each other.

Status  – there were usually subtle indicators of having at least some status, a nice motorbike, the car they are in has leather upholstery, the photo with what looks like a Thai / Mediterranean beach behind, a designer logo on a well pressed shirt, a waistcoat over a shirt. Even table place setting with the extra cutlery for a starter and wine glasses visible works.

Appearance – all were well groomed, none looked scruffy. Stubble was common, but no beards, 10 day growth maximum. Many had highly masculine traits, broad shoulders etc Weight – none of the men appeared overweight. Some were large build, but they looked muscular, or had taken pictures at flattering angles. They all had highly symmetrical faces.

Health – nice outdoors photos were rated as more attractive, shot far back enough that you could see build as well as facial features. Some were taken where sports were involved. None of the most attractive men’s photos were taken inside a house.

Risk taking –  minor examples of risk taking were common, a motorbike, a jet ski, a small scar, a tattoo.

Productivity – a lot of overlap here with status, subtle indicators that these men took pride in their appearance, needed to be well groomed for work, perhaps have some spare money to spend on clothing, cars, leisure or entertainment went a long way. This seems to need to be quite subtle, as sitting inside a car with leather seats was seen as attractive, but just leaning against one was either too easy to fake or too overt.

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