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What women look for in a man.

Our hot list feature is one of the most actively used parts of our site. So far there have been over 100 million member ratings!

This gives us a massive amount of information on who is seen as attractive and who is not.


When we looked at the most attractive men we find that there are a lot of subtle things that are being noticed by women. Women seem to see much more than just your looks and notice lots of other parts of the photo too.

Women are much, much less likely to rate the opposite sex hot than men are.  A man can have less than 10% of his ratings as being hot, and still be among the top performing men on the site.

Either men are putting less thought into their pics than women, or women are more selective and are looking at more than just the looks, and are looking at the whole image. It is quite likely that both of these are a factor, so spending a bit more time getting pictures right, and giving the right impression will generate much more interest on the site.

Using these ideas, try coming up with your own unique way to make yourself stand out from the crowd and present yourself in the best possible light.

Status  – Subtle indicators of having some interests that require you to be more than just getting by.  A motorbike, a car seat visible that has leather upholstery, a photo with what a beach behind you, a small designer logo on a well pressed shirt. A waistcoat over a shirt or a nicely matched shirt and tie all give a good impression. Just being sat at a table laid in for an evening meal with a white table cloth, proper place settings and wine glasses works.

Dominance – This is probably the most difficult to demonstrate, but several men do manage to pull this off – having a couple of mates on either side of you just outside of camera shot seemed to work, as being the center of attention was enough. If it looked like they were smaller or not as fit so much the better.

Appearance – Well groomed, smartly dressed men do best. Stubble is common, beards are not, unless on men over 50. If you have broad shoulders then choose a good angle to show this off.  Don`t compromise or settle for a photo you think is only OK . Get a second opinion from someone you trust, ideally a woman.

Health – Outdoor photos are rated well a lot of the time.  Demonstrating you are sporty, or active works really well, but if there is a nice view behind you then it is easy to imagine yourself in the picture too. Not many of the most attractive men’s photos are taken inside a house.

Risk taking – Wrestling bears is not necessary here, examples of risk taking might be motorbikes, a jet ski, a small scar, a tattoo, or wearing your uniform if you are a fireman.

Productivity / status – a lot of overlap here with status, subtle indicators that these men took pride in their appearance, needing to be well groomed for work, perhaps having spare money to spend on clothes, cars, leisure or entertainment goes a long way to showing you are a good prospect. This seems to need to be quite subtle, as sitting inside a car with leather seats was seen as attractive, but leaning against a nice car is too easy to fake, or is just too overt.

You don`t have to be rich to present yourself in a good light. Wearing a shirt with a collar on a nice day in the park is free!  Try to subtly demonstrate as many of the above qualities as possible. If you want to go for it in a big way for not much money you could buy an edgy designer shirt in the sales, get your hair freshly cut, and even order yourself an UberX next time you need a taxi and take a few pictures in it!

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