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What Men Want to See!

What do men look for in a woman?


Our hot list feature is one of the most actively used parts of our site. So far there have been over 100 million member ratings!

This gives us a massive amount of information on what men find attractive.

Men are much more likely to rate a woman as attractive than the other way round.  The average man is three times more likely to rate a women as attractive than a woman is to rate a man attractive.

When we looked at the kind of photos that men like there are a number of things that we kept on finding.  These tips are really useful as they work for people of all levels of attractiveness.  Anyone can use these tips to make their profile picture more likely to result in a rating or a message.

We also see over and over again that women who update their photo following this advice get messages from more attractive men.

Look up into the camera – holding your phone up higher than your head seems to be either a flattering angle, or is something that men find attractive.

Bare shoulders. Honestly we were expecting to see a correlation between ratings and how provocatively women dressed, but actually what we found is that dressing too provocatively puts a lot of men off.  The sweet spot between seems to be bare shoulders as this is attractive, without the perception of trying too hard.  A summer dress, strapless dress, or halter neck doubles men rating or contacting you.  If you aren’t confident enough to try this, or it just is not something you would do then that is fine, just wearing whatever you would wear on a first date, or office night out is fine.

Non neutral expression. The expressions that work best seem to be a knowing smile, or slightly questioning look.  Think Mona Lisa, or the expression you might make if you caught someone you like looking over at you.  The other expression that men seem to find intriguing is a “do I know you?” look.  The kind of look you would make if you are sure you have seen someone before.

Side angle. Facing diagonally, or side on looking over at the camera slightly side on seems to produce a flattering photo that men will rate highly. Almost all the top performing photos are not facing the camera straight on, they are facing sideways to some extent. Bizarrely we see this is only true for women,  pretty much the reverse is true for men!

Dress to impress.  All the women rated attractive had taken care to dress well. Dressing how you would if you were going out out on a date, or going to a party, or a night out with their friends makes a big difference.

What not to do.

No kids or men other men in the photo. They may be the most important thing in your life, but when you are looking to meet someone new it is all about you at first.

Not making any effort – wearing an old dressing gown and having a pile of laundry or toilet behind you in the photo does not give a good impression.

Trying too hard. Wearing a football shirt and drinking a pint of lager can make men see you more as a friend, rather than a potential partner.

Don`t use photos with your friends in them. Firstly they might not want to appear on a dating site.  Secondly you will be wasting time with messages where they might be interested in your friend instead of you.

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