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Yin and Yang


Yin and Yang is a symbol that is familiar to a lot of people, but do you know what it represents?

It is a very old symbol with a Chinese / Tauist origin and represents perfect balance between feminine and masculine. It represents two different, yet complimentary halves of a whole.

Even now it is a common turn of phrase to call our partners the other half.

There is something important we can learn from this symbol when it comes to finding a partner.

We have heard it is an old fashioned opinion, but we when we look at the way men and women behave we see that the most successful members act in a way that is consistent with more traditional stereotypical roles.

Put simply masculine confident men that actively pursue women do well.  Feminine women that make an effort, have a number of pictures, occasionally make contact in the form of a wink, or a hot rating, but wait for the man to make contact first do best.

Some members contact us not realizing that because you are on a dating site you still have to treat it the same as you would in any other social situation.  If you are male and don`t initiate conversations with women at a bar you will not meet anyone. If you are female and don`t initiate conversations, then there is a good chance a man will still approach you.

Think of it like a David Attenborough documentary. What would be the equivalent of the mating dance of the bird of paradise for humans?

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