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98% of Dating Site Fraudsters are Female


At FlirtFinder we strive to create a safe, fun and lively community of members looking to meet someone new.  We want to have an environment where everyone joins in the same way and are genuinely looking to meet people.  We don`t want a site that is populated with a load of fake members and fraudsters because this makes for a bad user experience.

Every dating site gets members attempting to join that are up to no good. To keep our members as safe as possible we proactively police our service to remove members that behave in a manner that is detrimental to these goals.

We recently analysed members we have removed from the service and found some unexpected results.

When  we looked at members whose account had been suspended for requesting money , or behaving in a manner that would indicate fraudulent activity we found over 98% of them were women.   In fact we found that women were 58 times more likely to be removed from the service for this reason than men.

It certainly seems that fraudsters have found it easier to get men to part with their money than women historically, so are focusing their efforts there. The majority of these barred members are because of small scale fraud attempts, asking for a top up voucher for mobile, or money for transport, or a loan as they don`t have credit to send more messages being a common ruses.

Men are seemingly much more easily persuaded to part with a bit of money quickly if they think this will get them into a ladies good books, hopefully leading onto something.  Men are already expecting to have to spend some money on dating,  so for some men this actually seems pretty normal.  They appear to be rationalizing it by thinking that it is a good idea for someone to “owe them”.

To keep yourself safe on all dating sites we think the following will help you avoid any issues.

1) If someone looks too good to be true they probably are not real.

2) Be realistic, if you someone is over 10 years younger than you it is likely they are not real.

3) Don’t ever send money to someone.

4) Look for photographs that include different street signs, shops, road styles, car registrations to the country they claim to be from.

5) Watch for bad spelling and poor conversational skills, a lot of profiles are created on mass in an industrial call centre type operations, however they are usually either going through a series of stock messages, or are being manned by people who are not very convincing.

6) A lot of religious references in the first few messages is a red flag as they are usually deliberately put there to try and get you to trust them, before asking for money.

7) Within a few messages you are told a sob story.

8) Sketchy location. Claiming to be from one country, but currently living in another.

9) If you do decide to meet someone you meet online, always meet in a public place, ensure you have a means to travel there and back on your own.  It is also common to arrange for a friend to call after half an hour, both to check up everything is ok, but also to give you a potential “emergency” excuse to leave if it is not a fun date.

We are constantly monitoring members and have years of experience in swiftly identifying and removing problem accounts before they can cause issues for our members.  Not every site is as diligent as we are though, so keep in mind our advice when using them.

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