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Getting the girl saves the world.


Getting the girl saves the world.


Getting the girl saves the world? Surely in all the movies the hero saves the world first and then rides off into the sunset with the girl? Well life is not a movie and perhaps the reality is the other way around.

Consider the image above. It is based on a theory that civilizations and countries seem to follow a cycle of advancement and decline.  Given the common refrain of we hear from women saying they can`t find a good man, where does that imply we are in the cycle?

If there are loads of guys out there, why can’t they find them?  Well all the good looking, productive men are not on the market very long.  Expectations have become higher too while many women now looking to settle down later too, when perhaps their own looks are fading a little. This is a recipe for disappointment.

So if all the women seem to be looking for a tall dark handsome man what can you do if you are just average looking?  Well you get better looking and the good news is that you don`t need plastic surgery!

Physical attractiveness for men is up to 70% related to physical strength. This is almost instantly and subconsciously assessed by women.  The markers used to determine strength are broad shoulders, a high shoulder to waist ratio, chest measurement combined with not being overweight . This is something you can change.  Just using the right camera angle and posture can give you an instant boost in your attractiveness. Facing directly at the camera with chest out and shoulders back, tummy sucked in, taken from waist up, instantly creates a better first impression.  Lifting something heavy and losing weight is also going to help a lot while also giving you a boost to your self confidence.

With the rise of online dating, specifically apps like tinder, judgements are now almost exclusively on looks.   In the past people knew who in their area was single, because smaller communities and social groups and events were how people entertained themselves. You would know who was a good person and reliable and funny, so you could factor in these qualities in addition to looks.

Dating has become a really competitive business if you are a man.  Not only do men outnumber the women on most sites (certainly for paid up subscribers), but women are at least three times less likely to give a “hot” rating than men are.

For both attractive women and men there have always been options, but the increased ease of finding people outside your social group online, does mean that now men have more ability to be more promiscuous. This has created an imbalance.  The top 50% of women are often only considering the top 10% of men as potential partners. Therefore the top 10% of men have a lot less incentive to settle down given how easily they can meet someone new.

If you are an attractive woman and were only considering dating the top 10% of men on a dating site you are going to find a much higher preponderance of men not looking to settle down.  They are really, really in demand by women.  This might give you a rather negative opinion of men in general rather than just the top 10%.

So there are two options available, either women are going to have to lower their expectations, or men are going to have to up their game.  Given the cycle of civilisations the latter is definitely the most preferable option.

If enough good men do this then maybe we can go straight to “strong men” bypassing the hard times.


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